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Your Inner Self

The Journey to Self-Discovery & Healing

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Our Passion for Holistic Health

At Diyosa Somatics, we believe that true wellness comes from a balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

With professional training and intuitive techniques, we offer Reiki, Breathwork Consultations, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), and Alchemical Crystal Sound bowl healing- all designed to promote healing and recalibration.

We also offer a range of crystal jewelry and energy tools to adorn your life.

Come visit us and carve a path in your healing journey.

Our Collections

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Catch These Testimonials

Orawan P.

"My Reiki & Sound Healing has done me wonders!!
Love this organization..."

Michelle L.

"Diyosa Somatics helped me + my family do a lot of inner work. Through their guided Reiki, Sound Healing and meditation- we were able to see clarity and focus!!!
Thank You!!!"

Annie B.

"Carmela is a born healer, the caring and kindness that comes forth in her work as an energy worker and sound healer is intrinsic to her way of being in this world.
Her grounded and loving nature puts one at ease so that they are able to receive the life force energy that she channels, through sound healing and energy work.
You know you are well held working with Carmela, she creates deeply healing state of relaxation and healing with her work on all levels mental emotional and physical levels."
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