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My Background

Rev. Carmela Obscura is a Somatic Therapist in Oakland, CA. 

Carmela is a 1st-generation Afro-Filipina born of Memphis lineage.

Her foundation of Alchemy stems from generations of gifted Conjure Women, Babaylans and upstanding Matriarchs of Aboriginal America and Austronesia.

Her creative disposition and adolescent awareness of alchemy and metaphysics guided her through successful ventures in dance, pastry arts, nutrition and herbalism. 

In work, she’s stratified as she is meticulous: these acquisitions and sour perceptions of Western medicine were later integrated as platforms to fulfill her purpose as an embodied healer.

Thus far in the path, she’s earned mastery in Reiki, certified herbalism, walking between realms, Somatic & Breathwork facilitation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), psychedelic cyphers and Interdimensional sound immersions.

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I will never pitch an idea that isn't conducive to your betterment nor will I ever under-serve you due to lack of effort.

I read your Auric Field, assess what your body is communicating in terms of healing and allow myself to become the conduit between you and Universal Energy to recalibrate your body's cells."

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